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“Should I absolutely need a Facebook Page? Isn’t my Personal Profile (buddies page) sufficient?” These are questions that I get requested a lot as being a social networking strategist. First of all, let’s make clear what exactly is intended by each of these conditions:

Personal Profile – User profiles signify people and should take place under someone title. This really is your “home base” for Facebook – the entity which includes Friends, LIKEs things, joins organizations, and more.

Facebook Web page – permit a company, company, celeb, or music group to maintain a professional presence on Facebook.

My personal opinion with this is different over time and I have to admit it truly depends on a number of factors. Every person fails to require a Facebook Web page. The subsequent concerns will allow you to decide.

1. Do you wish to be discovered by the major search engines? Facebook pages get plenty of “Google liquid.” This can be important if a person is trying to find you or for one of your own targeted key word phrases that you are currently attempting to position for. Even when someone is not part of Facebook, your Facebook Page can be viewed by anyone – not too for a Personal Profile. Frequently, a Facebook Web page will achieve greater rankings than your internet site.

2. Who may be your target audience? Keep in mind when “friends” were people that you truly knew? Are all your possible and current clients people that you really know? In the event you only work with people that you have individually fulfilled, then perhaps you don’t require one. However, if you want to connect with people that you haven’t really met in person – or don’t look at a friend – a web page is actually a better way to do that.

Facebook is clear whenever you issue a buddy ask for which you actually have to know the individual. The amount of people will never reach out to you since they may not have fulfilled you or they could not actually think that you are a buddy – even in the social media sense of the word?

3. Exactly how much posting about your company are you currently planning to do? Over the years, I actually have spoken with lots of people who may have really experienced their personal accounts turn off by Facebook simply because they were utilizing it to market a company. The “Facebook slap” or shutdown appears to occur more once the company being advertised is actually a brick and mortar company.

I believe the lines blur for consultants, audio speakers, attorneys and others who definitely are within the “believed company.” It appears that Facebook is a lot more easygoing using that type of promotion, education and revealing. Nevertheless, as the old Donny and Marie track employed to help remind us, you have to be “Slightly Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll.”

4. Do you wish to be able to personalize and create a mini-web site? Facebook apps for Pages have grown to be so versatile and powerful that you can produce small-websites within Facebook – not for personal profiles. You can include custom landing pages (Welcome) with video clips, e-mail optin boxes, blog feeds and much more.

5. Do you desire to mix business and personal? For most people, it is good to keep these individual. Personal friends don’t always wish to learn about your small business and vice versa. Consider your Personal Profile as your House as well as your Page as the Workplace. You wouldn’t article photos of your holiday all over your workplace. Similarly, a lot of people don’t have their company documents distributed all over the home. Separation could be a great thing.

These initial few concerns may cause you to believe, Indeed!, I want a Facebook Web page. Nevertheless, this is actually the key question you need to ask prior to starting one.

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The length of time and energy are you willing to put into a Facebook Web page? A Facebook Page takes plenty of try to get interaction and engagement. Because of the way the Facebook “Edgerank” algorithm criteria functions, people often don’t see any posts you are doing from your Page. You are able to usually get a lot more interaction on the Personal User profile.

Lots of people basically give up their Pages right after spending lots of time and energy to obtain them set up. One choice is to hire someone who will regularly article your site content in your Page so that you have a regular presence. Then, all you need to do is to go to the web page frequently and interact with the people who reply to your posts.

My suggestion for the majority of company owners: Indeed, you are doing require a Business Page. Even if all that you do is set it up and create a post saying, “I really hope this site provides some information and facts about my company. I kssiiw most of my Facebook time in my Personal Profile. Please send me a information there at (URL for Facebook User Title).”

Another essential decision to consider when changing to your web page is whether you ought to just transform your Personal Profile to a company Web page. Facebook now enables you to do this. Be forewarned that it is not for your faint of cardiovascular system. There are numerous serious problems that really must be regarded as before you do this. Check the Facebook Help area for additional info on this.

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